Mathan 23/10/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 5.0 It was a pleasant journey. Very comfortable, normally we used to travel by train. Now we decided to travel by bus especially with Vignesh tat. "

Vani 17/10/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 4.5 Perfect timing to reach Nagercoil. Well done Vignesh TAT and team. Keep it up the same future. Very good journey. "

Ramaraj 21/10/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 4.5 Enjoyed the journey very well. Well accustomd travelling, will suggest others to try as well and will book my next travel in the same bus. "

Gopal 5/10/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 4.0 A pleasant journey and courteous staff. "

Hema 1/10/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 4.5 Good thing is they offered water bottle and snacks. "

Akash 05/09/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 4.5 Comfortable ride, snacks and 500ml water bottle provided and wake up call before destination stop. Overall very good experience. "

Muthu 16/09/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 5.0 Excellent service. One suggestion please, en route stoppage can be changed to a place with better restroom facilities for ladies. "

Raja 02/08/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 5.0 Regular updates and good service, safe for women. "

Arun 08/09/2021 over 5 years ago

" Rating 5.0 That was a fantastic trip I ever had. They gave us a surprise boarding that day being Women's day and treated us a melodious song. That was indeed a nice gesture. All the best. "

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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